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"InvestaCrowd is an investment platform that holds a Capital Market Services license from the Monetary Authority of Singapore for dealing in securities delivering cutting-edge investment products using blockchain technologies. The future of investing is here."

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Blockchain based ownership is called Tokenization

It is the process of issuing shares or equity in an asset, into a digital token on the blockchain.


Improve cap table setup and on-going management

Reduce or remove involvement of intermediaries

Customisation of token ownership structure

Dramatic reduction on investment commitment size

Substantial increase of eligible investor base

Ability to trade private share holdings

Increase the number of liquidity options for security owners

Reduce settlement times from months/weeks/days to minutes

Cheaper compliance cost due to removal of intermediaries

Security Tokenization Example - Real Estate

Creation of liquidity for Real Estate assets through tokenisation.

Step 1

InvestaCrowd conducts proper due diligence and valuation of the property to be tokenized.

Example: Investment
property worth $100mil

Step 2

InvestaCrowd proposes the extent of property value to be tokenized and offers one-stop-shop services from pre-STO stage to funding completion and beyond.

Step 3

Tokenized equity holdings ($20mil) to be transacted in ICTX Security Token Exchange.

Why our Members Love Us
Investacrowd’s team is passionate, energetic, professional and knowledgeable. They are generous with their time in educating their investors and vet their opportunities diligently. Very happy with my experience and look forward to investing with them again. — Josh W
A knowledgeable approach with personal touch combined with professional advice supplying you with access to institutional grade real estate products with excellent returns. What’s not to like?! The InvestaCrowd team is doing a great job matching risk/return profiles and doing so with huge passion and integrity. - Erik O
InvestaCrowd allows me to seamlessly integrate global real estate investments in to my portfolio, all with a minimum amount of work on my end.
I’ve known Jules and the team for over 20 years and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone.
InvestaCrowd really has their finger on the pulse of real estate throughout Asia Pacific.
- Mark S
Thanks to Bill O’Donnell and the InvestaCrowd team for introducing and facilitating our participation in crowd funded investments in Australia and the U.S. Their approach has been professional, detailed and efficient and the investments are attractive and meet our return criteria. - Robert W
InvestaCrowd is a remarkable platform that brings us exclusive deals. The team has always delivered only quality deal flow with very attractive returns, and my clients only have good things to say! - Wayne Q

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